Ernakulam's Collector Renu Raj was Transferred by the Government of Kerala. All you need to know.   

Renu Raj, the district collector of Ernakulam, was one of nine IAS officers transferred by the Kerala government.

Ms. Raj's failure to appear in court for a suo motu lawsuit involving the Brahmapuram fire disaster prompted the orders on March 8.

On March 2nd, a fire broke out at a waste management facility in Brahmapuram, filling the area with smoke.

Helicopters from the Indian Navy and Air Force are assisting local fire fighters and rescue workers in putting out the blaze at Brahmapuram.

As soon as the measure was taken, judges in the Kerala High Court criticized it, asking if IAS Renu Raj was having any problems due to breathing polluted air.

In addition, the judge decided that Renu Raj was not permitted to evade her responsibility in such a way.

Can you describe the public alert you issued? The judge raised doubts. "Did you say the fire would be contained in two days?"

The state administration promptly forwarded the transfer letter to the Ernakulam district collector.

Renu Raj, previously the Ernakulam District Collector, will now be in charge of the Wayanad district.